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A breakthrough prescriptive topical transdermal delivery technology for the precise systemic and local tissue targeting of cannabinoid active pharmaceutical agents.

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Product Development Strategy

A-Synaptic Product Development Strategy consists of a portfolio of topical/transdermal prescriptive drugs designed to treat both orphan drug condition as well as major unmet medical need. Currently, the main focus of our research and product development is to create a Cannabinoid based transdermal treatment for pediatric epileptic seizures.


Our Prescription Pipeline

A-Synaptic Inc., has a robust pipeline of various cannabinoid applications to treat serious conditions. We have recently successfully completed a bioavailability human clinical trial authorized by Health Canada which has been published. We are working to structure a Physician-based IND in the United States.


About A-Synaptic

Only A-Synaptic has the technical, biochemical and formulation expertise to create precisely extracted cannabinoids, and combine them in a uniquely powerful, validated, delivery technologies.



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